How is bulk sms api useful to developers?

Our developers section enables sending, receiving and getting delivery report of bulk sms messages directly from a server, mobile application or website. The Http api is free to all Swiftsms customers, we also provide sample coding necessary to create the link between your server and the Swiftsms server so you can be up and running in just an hour. Swift SMS provides HTTP and XML API that ensures an easy integration since they can be manipulated to fit with any system. By integrating your application with our messaging platform, our SMS API will make it possible for your application to :

(1) Send single or bulk mobile terminating messages.
(2) Query the number of credits in your SMS account.
(3) Check delivery reports.

API Usage Usage
  • Purchase confirmation:
  • On purchasing a airline ticket - sending PNR number & flight details through sms alert

  • Critical alerts:
  • In a manufacturing facility - electricity down situation sms shoots to engineer for power down intimation. Again Sms shoots for 50% Battery back up level, 10% Battery level and power out situation.

  • Website Integration:
  • Any business website can integrate API to receive contact details posted by a visitor in feedback form through sms alert

  • Password delivery:
  • On sign up at a web portal one can get registration password details through sms alert

  • Email alert:
  • Yahoo!, Msn, etc has paid sms alert system on receipt of email. Gone are the days for waiting and refreshing the page for important emails to come. Get all the alerts on mobile instantly

  • Security:
  • Sms alerts can be configured for various security systems. An example can be persons getting a sms alert whenever a safe box is opened.

  • Bio metric system - alerts:
  • Sms alerts can be configured for various biometric systems. An example can be - A school implementing biometric attendance system has integrated sms alerts. Each student entering the premises has to put his thumb for attendance confirmation. Suppose the time of school is 10.00 a.m. and a student has not arrived an automatic sms will be sent to parents at 10.15 a.m. alerting students absenteeism.

  • Mobile app integration
  • Easy integration with any mobile application for OTP sms or other application

Enhanced bulk SMS facilities


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