Reach your customer when they are looking for your “type of services”. Stay connected with your customers 24 x 7 while maintaining privacy of your mobile number. Help in customer retention and business expansion with high customer satisfaction. Imagine a situation where in you want to be available for your customers but without sharing personal mobile number / numbers. If you opt for Click 2 call services, customer will input his contact number and raise a click 2 call connection. Our system will initiate 2 way call conferencing between customer and your mobile number / numbers. Customer gets service and company gets more business. Multiple executives can be lined up incuse of unavailability of one executive at a time.

Put a LET US CALL YOU button with a number box which designed with a revolutionized technology which shoots 2 way call conference on real time basis between you and your customer.


How it works?

Send us your requirement and we will provide you an HTML Click to Call code for your website. The other medium of Click to Call are – Website, missed call, sms & API’s. Whenever the customer clicks on the call button, we will initiate a call conference between your executive and customer via virtual number.

Amazing Features

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate calling widget for your website / mobile application.

Full Privacy

Full Privacy

Build brand for your business without loosing privacy.

Enhanced Tracking

Enhanced Tracking

Get the most of your spent. Have detailed tracking , logs and call recording for future use.

Free for customer

Free for Customer

Never miss a lead or important customer with Click to call free for your end customer / website visitor.


1000 sms Free on 1st Purchase. T&c Call 98365 70011

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