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In an “always-on” society, it’s usually pretty easy to get in touch with people when we need them. Everyone it seems has a mobile, and every mobile can receive SMS messages. For schools this means they can reach out to parents easier than ever before. For parents, they know they are available if their child needs them.

While the ability to connect is good, there are circumstances when schools want to reach parents immediately. Calling one or two parents isn’t a problem, but what if every student’s parents needed to be contacted quickly?.


Schools Turn to SMS Messaging

How to Send bulk SMS to students of a school, college or institute

  • Step 1: Creation of SMS Accounts (details of the account through which SMS will be sent)
  • Step 2: Creation of SMS Templates (due fees, attendance, results, inquiry, shop/inventory, fees receipt, issue/ return of books)
  • Step 3: Send SMS to single student or a whole class or section
  • How Can Schools Use the Swift SMS SMS Platform? Ideas
    Because text messages have an incredible open and response rate, they have sparked a revolution across academic institutions. Whether we’re talking about deadline reminders, text blasts, or emergency alerts; bulk SMS solutions represent the quickest, most effective way of getting your message across to a large group.
    Here are a few ways that you can use Swift SMS’s SMS platform for academic purposes:
    Notify Students of Deadlines & Exam Dates.School text alerts can be used to remind students of projects, deadlines on assignments, enrolment, graduation, returning books, exam dates and other important events.
    Send Emergency & School Closing Text Alerts.With the help of Swift SMS’s bulk SMS service, schools can instantly notify students and parents of emergencies, security lockdowns, accidents or suspicious characters, or send school closing alerts.
    Send Student Meeting Reminders.Send Student Meeting Reminders. You can instantly send reminders for student meetings, club activities, concerts or events using Swift SMS’s group text messaging features. This will eliminate the need for bulletin boards.
    Provide Links to Course Information & Grades.Educational SMS messages can include links to course information, bibliographies, books, school reports and grade sheets. Text message alerts can also be sent to parents in case reports ‘get lost’.
    Verify Attendance With Parents. You can use two-way texting to notify parents of school closures, schedule changes and events. SMS school reminders can also be used to verify attendance with parents.


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