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Get your message across - completely engage your customers, community, group members and staff.

Sms is a service which enables you to both send and receive text messages. Interactive communication goes beyond simply sending sms. It includes special feature such as follows

  • Voting
  • Feedback
  • Text to win
  • Survey
  • Store locators
  • Text to broadcast
  • Alerts

Viewers of a reality show can vote for their favorite participants in that televisions show. Drive interest and participation in the television program by engaging viewers and allowing them to determine the direction of show. Voting results can be displayed live on screen. You may then do some of the following things to entertain:

  • Send Behind scenes gossips and news to engage viewers
  • Send program related reminders to viewers
  • Send promotional advertisements by advertisers
  • Send special invitations to any live events or appearances.

Getting valid and relevant feedback is essential for any business yet rigorous surveys, mystery shopping and questionnaires are not only costly for you, but are often time-consuming and inconvenient for your customers. Rapidsms enable you to receive instant feedback at the exact point of experience with giving a rich customer experience.

One of the most successful interactive campaigns on mobile is - text to win. It has been a proven mechanism for databank building for all your future campaigns. A brand may run a competition to win a car of a paid trip and promote it via print, electronic, indoor and outdoor media. Promote a contest - Simply answer questions and win prices.

Learn more about your customer preferences, demands, etc. Throw out a quick and easy survey. Analyze the outcomes and find the scope of improvements.

  • Prepare a series of questions
  • Select a optional incentive scheme or prizes to win
  • Ask questions (by sms or printed questionnaire) and receive answers by customers mobile.
  • Store data and incentivize the customers

E.g. an automobile dealer sends out a survey question to customer about his experience about accident repair procedure, insurance claim & post repair performance. Also asks for suggestions. In turn gives away one or two FREE paid services.

This could be a 2 way win-win opportunity for both dealer & customer. It's a rich experience for customer his loyalty increases as well.

Enable store locators on mobile to drive traffic from customers on move. Configure all your store location details and associate it with pincode. Users can send their pincodes and receive upto 3 store near by that pincode. Optional incentive / discount / offer / coupon can be given away to drive traffic to stores.

Let users express their feeling about store - sale - collection, Tv program - topic etc. Enable live sms broadcast on live television, in-store videos, outdoor signboards or website. Ask users to send sms and the best response will win surprise gifts. This type of live sms broadcasting is suitable for store or Tv programs.

Allow users to fetch information about bank account, shipment details etc on their fingertip. It will be a time saving process for customers as they won't have to wait in long telephone queues. Additionally company's to save on people and infrastructure cost. Customer delight is on top of the cards.


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