Keep your customers, staff, group members, community, stake holders etc informed.

It is essential for companies to communicate information quickly and effectively to there stake holders. Our services are instant and direct - perfect in emergencies, crisis or time-pressing situations. There are no printing costs and related time scales, meaning our solutions are quickly deployable, fast and economical.

Deliver outstanding services with reduction in Operational Expenditure!!

From customer acquisition to post sales updates - rapidsms enables you to stay connected. It might be delivery information, installation dates, payment schedules, upgrades / maintenance / services alerts - our solutions can speed up the process and reduce the operational costs.

Online messaging has been far inexpensive, swift and prompt as compared to printed material, manual calling etc.

Achieve optimum efficiency with automation

We help you automate the process that one might have never thought about. Might it be appointments, reminders, renewals, reservations etc our sophisticated online sms solutions enable you to communicate smoothly & effectively with giving a rich customer experience.

Better control over communication for optimum utilization of available resources

It might be handling a call center, running a retail outlet or other bottle necked operation where capacity to serve is limited and traffic is unpredictable, our online sms service may help you gain better control. Send sms - float information according to the present requirement. Start, stop, pause, slow down or even accelerate the information distribution according to the traffic and available capacity. This may not be achieved through any other electronic, print or outdoor media.


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